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Referral Process

Our referral process makes it easy to offer your patients home healthcare,

You can refer your patients by contacting us directly.

Once we have received the medical report, our team manages the entire process for securing Thiqa approval if required. .

Our Services Include

  • Private Nurses  DOH/HAAD Licensed
  • Certtified and experienced Care Givers
  • Home Physiotherapy Services
  • GP Supervision and care

     We Provide

  • All approval processes and  continuously enhancing referral provider and patient satisfaction
  • Highly qualified nurses, therapists and physicians licensed by DOH (HAAD)
  • Advanced treatment of chronic diseases including diabetes, COPD


Expert and professional therapy provided by DOH (HAAD) licensed Physiotherapy Specialist


Supervision and care planning carried out by DOH (HAAD) licensed General Practitioner

     We Can Help:

  • Reduce hospital readmission rates
  • Coordinate a seamless care transfer enhancing your reputation as a healthcare provider
  • Prevent and/or detect patient complications and notify primary provider as needed

Care of the Elderly

Life Time Home Care Services

provides quality care for our older service users, enabling them to continue living fulfilling lives in the homes that they know and love. We provide a range of practical support as well as specialised care for those suffering from age-related health issues, including dementia.